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Jewelry Appraisal | Jewelry Appraisal FAQ

North American Gemological Laboratory evaluates jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, and time pieces for the purposes of consumer protection, estate, taxes, insurance, liquidation, probate, and inventory assessment.

N.A.G.L. Gemologists are highly trained professionals with years of education and experience. We maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity to ensure all our clients receive accurate documentation.

The most common reason for an appraisal is insurance coverage. Diamonds, gemstones and precious metal values can fluctuate over time. It is important that appraisals be kept up-to-date to reflect current value. An accurate appraisal protects consumers in the event of loss or damage.

Many consumers are unsure which items require an appraisal. Your insurance agent can help you understand your policy requirements. Insurance guidelines vary. In general, insurance policies require an appraisal for items valued above $1,000.00. N.A.G.L. offers free consultations to assist clients with determining the value of their items and whether a full appraisal is necessary. Please call to schedule a free consultation.

Our staff shares the evaluation results with you and promptly answers all of your questions. The appraiser addresses any signs of damage or other concerns during the consultation. Once your appraisal is complete, you leave with all documentation – no waiting for the mail.

We also provide mini-card appraisals for simple solitaire jewelry, loose diamonds and gemstones.

If you plan to purchase an item off the internet, contact N.A.G.L. for a verbal or written appraisal. We inspect the item to verify the legitimacy of the information supplied by the merchant. We want our clients to have a clear understanding of the quality and authenticity of the item.

Make an appointment today to have your jewelry appraised or to update an old appraisal.

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For more information and answers, read our Jewelry Appraisal FAQ