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Laser Inscription | Laser Inscription FAQ

Most diamonds sold today have laser inscription. The inscription is recorded in the certificate that often accompanies the diamond or gemstone.

A laser inscription (example below) is a permanent marking located on the perimeter, the girdle, of a diamond or gemstone. It is a simple method to identify your diamond or gemstone. Our laboratory uses cold laser technology to safely inscribe your diamond or gemstone. It DOES NOT affect the color, clarity, or structure of the diamond or gemstone.

Laser inscriptions aid in identification of your diamond should you leave it for service or in the event of a loss.

We can apply a laser inscription in loose or set diamonds or gemstones. When we appraise your item, we also recommend jewelry laser inscription with a report number. We can also inscribe a personal message or a heart.

In the unfortunate event your jewelry is stolen, laser inscription aids in and increases the likelihood of recovery.

During an appraisal, we also inspect the stones girdle for an existing inscription. If an inscription is located it is documented in the appraisal.

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Safety Tip: When leaving your jewelry for any type of service, ask to view the inscription.

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For more information and answers, read our Laser Inscription FAQ