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Laser Inscription | Laser Inscription FAQ

Why should I have a laser inscription?

Laser inscription helps to easily identify diamonds or gemstones. With laser inscription, you always know the stone you left for service is the stone you picked up upon completion.

How long does it take to apply a laser inscription?

We can complete most laser inscriptions in just a few minutes.

Does my diamond or gemstone need to be removed from the setting?

No, we can apply laser inscription to diamonds or gemstones in prong or channel settings. We cannot inscribe diamonds or gemstones that are bezel set because the metal setting covers the girdle. In this case, we would remove the stone for inscription.

Does the laser inscription wear off?

Laser inscriptions are considered a permanent marking. However, it can be polished off by a professional diamond cutter.

Does a laser inscription affect the value of my diamond or gemstone?

No, a laser inscription does not affect the value of a diamond or gemstone.

Does a laser inscription change the quality of my stone?

We use a cold laser marking system, which does not change the clarity, color, carat weight, or structure of the diamond or gemstone.

Will I be able to see the inscription with an un-aided eye?

No, the inscription is only visible with 10X magnification. A jeweler’s loupe or a microscope with at least 10X magnification is all that’s necessary to view a laser inscription. Most jewelry stores have these tools available for your use.

Are you able to inscribe pictures or logos?

Yes, currently we offer an outline of a heart. We can also inscribe company logos.

How long can my personalized laser inscription be?

The length of the inscription depends on how large the diamond or gemstone is and how it is set into the piece of jewelry.

What type of items can be inscribed?

We laser inscribe diamonds and gemstones only. We can inscribe loose or set diamonds or gemstones

If you have any questions not covered by our F.A.Q. please contact us.