All our services can be completed while you wait and watch. Items that are dropped off or mailed to our office will be completed within 24-48 hours.

Please call our office to schedule an appointment, or for shipping instructions for items being mailed to our office.

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Other Services

In addition to jewelry appraisals we offer the following services:

Cut Grade and Light Analysis for Loose Round Diamonds. We use the latest OGI Scanox Proportion HD computer controlled proportion analyzer that will evaluate all the proportions, angles, measurements and light return of your round diamond. Once the computer completes analyzing your diamond, you received a printed report of the results. This service is especially important for recently purchased loose round diamonds from the internet. The report helps you understand the cut grade and how the proportions of your diamond determine its beauty. Please contact us for details, questions and pricing.

Report Verification. If you have an N.A.G.L. appraisal or report and need verification, please call us for confirmation of the report details.

Appraisal Updates. Appraisals should be updated every 3-5 years. Precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones fluctuate in price. To ensure current value, appraise your jewelry regularly. If jewelry is incorrectly valued you could be under or over insuring it.

Consultations. Please contact us for your specific needs.

Verbal Appraisals. We verbally provide many of the details contained in a written appraisal.

Estate Evaluation. We appraise estate items. If you need an evaluation of an entire estate or just a few pieces, our appraisers can accurately assess estate items and prepare the proper documentation. Please contact us for details, questions and pricing.

Inventory Assessment. We evaluate entire inventories for the purchase or sale of a jewelry related business, such as a pawn shop or retail jewelry store. Please contact us for details, questions and pricing.

Pearl X-Ray. This testing verifies if a pearl is natural or cultured.